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"Our Answer is God. God's answer is us. Through partnership we make our world better."
- Dorian Scott Cole

Teaching/Sermon Material

Spiritual Growth

What are the signs of maturity? Child through young adult.

Portions Copyright © 1980 Dorian S. Cole

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This series is well researched and looks at many aspects of spiritual growth from the point of view of faith.

Topics include:

  • Spiritual and religious - are they different?
  • What is a spiritual journey? Some signs of maturity, and stages of growth
  • The development in Ancient Judaism
  • The development in the New Testament
  • Discerning the Path; and my personal journey
  • Moral, Ethical, Legal - If it's legal, is it right? Mark 11 and 12.

Articles in this series on spiritual growth:

Topics can be read in any order. In the index below, topics range from the more readable at the top, to the in-depth at the bottom.

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